Ellen Whitaker is very proud to announce her new partnership with Aztec Diamond Equestrian. As one of the most recognised global brands available in the world of equestrianism, Ellen could not be happier to be partnering with a company that embodies such a similar ethos & attitude.

Their partnership is bonded by hard work, determination & a contemporary outlook of a love forever rooted in the equestrian world.

I ​LOVE ​Aztec Diamond clothing and I am incredibly lucky to have been asked to work with them. The high quality and ​MINIMAL​ styling have made them one of my wardrobe essentials both on and off the horse! They share my love for the sport and have invested in me so it is my mission to achieve top end results and represent the brand as best I can. I feel ready for the new challenge and am focused on succeeding at the highest level”


Ellen’s elegant approach and style,makes her fit perfectly into the Aztec Diamond Team. Not only will Ellen be Representing ADE across the globe whilst competing this year, she will also be helping our CEO and designer, Jordan McCabe with future designs and product development.

“We are so pleased to be partnering with such an ​OUTSTANDING r​ ider and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. Ellen is the epitome ofCONTEMPORARY s​ howjumping style and the perfect embodiment for our brand. Not only will she be the face of the brand but behind the scenes she willcollaborating with me on design and development. It’s a really ​EXCITING​ step for Aztec Diamond.”

J O R D A N  M C C A B E  ,  C . E . O .